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Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance
Washington State University

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flight news

Featuring a broad alliance of private industry and educational institutions, the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance (NARA) takes a holistic approach to building a supply chain within WA, OR, ID and MT based on using forest harvest residuals to make aviation biofuel and co-products. The alliance is tasked with empowering rural economies, increasing America’s energy security, and reducing aviation’s environmental impact. To do that, NARA seeks to improve the efficiency for each supply chain step from forestry operations to conversion processes; create new bio-based products; provide economic, environmental and social sustainability analyses; engage stakeholder groups; and improve bioenergy literacy for students, educators, professionals and the general public.

The Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance was established to facilitate the development of these five areas

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Biojet fuel made from forest slash is now a reality.

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High-value co-products made from lignin

Products developed from lignin can make a wood-based biorefinery profitable.


Supply chain coalitions

Stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest are working together to use forest slash to make high-value chemical products.


Economic development

Economic, social and environmental assessments have been completed to help spur biorefinery development.


Bio-energy literacy

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K-12 students are learning about biofuels made from wood and college students are trained to enter the bioenergy workforce.


This video describes NARA’s effort to help develop an industry that empowers rural economies, increase America’s energy security, and reduces aviation’s environmental impact by using forest harvest residuals.


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